HTML Encoder

What is HTML Encoder?

It is a tool to encode HTML and JavaScript advertisement codes into strict XHTML entities. As I mentioned above, if you directly use ad codes in blogger template, it will not work. But once you convert it to XHTML entities using this tool, it can be embedded anywhere in the blogger template.

Note - Please note that you should always backup your blogger template before making any changes to it.

Can it convert Adsense’s ads code?

You can use this ads code convert to convert any kind of JavaScript ad code. It can be Adsense, Chitika, Adbrite or any other vendor’s code.

If I use this, will I break any AdSense program policies?

No. Using this tool doesn’t breaks AdSense program policies because you are NOT modifying the ad code in any way. To be sure, use the encoded code in your template and then view source of the page. You’ll find no change in the ad code.

  1. Enter the HTML/Others code in the Below Box
  2. Click on "Encode".

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