Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How to Track Visitors to a Blogger Blog Using StatCounter

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How to Track Visitors to a Blogger Blog Using StatCounter
A valuable tool for your Blogger page is a counter that records how many people visit your blog. StatCounter offers a free counter that also provides many other statistics about your visitors. Here's how to use it with your blog.
  1. Go to StatCounter and follow the instructions to register for an account.

  2. Enter your Blogger blog info on the Project Settings page, including the URL and name of your blog. Click "Next."

  3. Choose either a visible or invisible counter for your blog page. Click "Next."

  4. Select whether you want to count unique visits to your page or each load of your page. Click "Next."

  5. Pick a counter image (a graphic) or a text counter. Click "Next."

  6. Customize your counter using the options listed for each counter type. Click "Next."

  7. Your code will be generated and displayed on the following page.

  8. Follow the instructions shown under the code for installing the code on your Blogger blog.

  9. Track visitors to your blog by logging into your StatCounter account and selecting "My Projects" from the menu bar.

  10. View detailed information, such as where your blog visitors are located and how long they remain on your site, by selecting from the different options on the Statistics column at the left of the page.
If you have used a different counter on your blog in the past, you can begin your StatCounter count with your last page-visit total.
Be sure to make the proper selection or your counter code will not work properly.


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