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How to Show or Hide a Blogger Blog on Your Profile

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How to Show or Hide a Blogger Blog on Your Profile
It's common for people who use Blogger to have more than one blog at Blogger. It's also common for one person to manage or monitor several blogs. A great way to get traffic from one blog to other blogs within Blogger is to list on a profile one or more other blogs. The administrator can determine which blogs will show on a profile. To show or hide a Blogger blog on your profile, follow the steps.
  1. First you need to log in to Blogger.

  2. On the "Blogger Dashboard" click on the "Edit Profile" link.

  3. On the new page, scroll down to "Show My Blogs."

  4. Here you will see a list of all of your blogs.

  5. If you want a blog to show on your profile click in the box next to the title of the blog.

  6. Once you do, there should be a check mark in the box.

  7. If you want to hide a blog from your profile, leave the box next to that blog empty.

  8. When you've selected the blogs you want to show, click "Save Settings".
You can change what Blogger blogs show on your profile any time you want.
Adding Blogger blogs to your profile is the same as recommending them. You can also add other people's blogs to your list. You and your friends could exchange links: you add a link to their blog and they add a link to your blog on their profile.
If you don't click on "Save Settings," your profile will remain the same as it was before.


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