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How to Earn More Page Views With Blogger Blogs

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How to Earn More Page Views With Blogger Blogs
Finding ways to gaining exposure on your blogger blog is part of the fun of blogging. There are things you can do to help you get more visitors and even subscribers. Once you have a big following, you can even earn money by blogging.
  1. Update your blog regularly. If you want people to come, give them interesting content to read. This content will help you get indexed in search engines on relevant topics and bring visitors your way.

  2. Publicize your blog by telling people about it. Add your blog URL to your email autosignature line and to signature lines in message forums. This can entice visitors.

  3. Comment on other people's blogs with a link back to your own. People will often return the favor and if they find something interesting on your blog, they may bookmark you and visit again.

  4. Syndicate your blog by joining an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeder service such as the one at Feedburner which can help you bring more traffic in by syndicating your blog to many news sources and give people an option to subscribe to receive future entries in their email inbox.

  5. Install a fun and interesting template. Templates that are unique on blogger blogs can grab someone's attention and get them to view more than just your landing page. There are many free templates online that you can download to make your blogger blog unique.

  6. Ping your blog. A ping service such as Pingomatic is a Web site that you simply put your blog information into each time there's a new blog entry written. It notifies multiple directory services that you have something new to share.

  7. Join Technorati and utilize tools there including tagging services that help you categorize your blog to bring it more exposure and to advertise your blog in directories. Technorati has a lot of useful tools for bloggers.

  8. Submit your blogger blog to the search engines for indexing. For Google, use the link in the Resources section. This will help your blogger blog gain more page views when people search on a subject that Google has indexed. This is especially helpful if you write about a niche topic.

  9. Join social bookmarking Web sites and list their widgets on your blog. Bloggers can bookmark their own posts on sites like Digg and in order to gain more page views. Other people who bookmark your site might bookmark you with widgets and additions to your blog template which can bring new visitors in as well.

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