Sunday, 7 April 2013

How to Do SEO for Blogspot

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How to Do SEO for Blogspot
All website owners, online writers, and bloggers should understand what search engine optimization is and how to use it. If you write on a Blogger site, you may earn revenue from advertisements posted on your blog. In order to increase the number of clicks your blog receives, you must first learn how to increase your ranking when someone conducts a search related to your topics. This requires a knowledge of search engine optimization -- or SEO.
  1. Give your blog a name that is relevant to the topic you write about and includes keywords. The name of your blog will show up in the URL, and the search engines will pick up the keywords.

  2. Create an informative and useful title tag, making sure that the first 63 letters comprise keywords that are highly relevant to the content in your blog and that searchers are likely to query. Use a title tag that is descriptive of the blog topic and content, to ensure it ranks high on search engines -- increasing the odds that people will click on your link, as opposed to lower-ranking ones, when conducting a search.

  3. Fill your blog with keywords, but place a cap on using repetitive keywords, as the search engines will consider your blog spam. Keywords should mirror what people would enter when researching a topic pertinent to your blog.

  4. Link back to previous entries in the one you are currently writing, through the use of keywords. Create a back link by using the following code:

  5. <a href= “”>YourKeyword</a>

  6. Add headings to separate different sections of your blog, and use heading tags to help search engines pick up on them. Create a heading tag using the following code:

  7. <H1> YourHeading 1</H1>

    Use the heading tags H1, H2 and H3 as needed and in order of relevance to your blog, and make sure there are keywords in each heading.

  8. Have other pages link to your blog, such as a friend that writes a complimentary blog or any articles you may write for another website.
Carefully pick your keywords according to what you feel is most relevant to your blog and what people will likely type in when researching your blog's topic. Always keep these words in mind when writing your blog.
Don't put too many keywords in one particular blog. Use them in each blog a few times.


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