Friday, 29 March 2013

How to Be Safe While Using Blogger

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How to Be Safe While Using Blogger
It's great that you want to share your life in your blog, but you must exercise caution. Follow these steps to ensure you don't reveal more information than you want to while using Blogger.
  1. Log in to your Blogger account and go to your dashboard. Select "Edit Profile" from the right sidebar.

  2. Click on the check box next to "Share my profile" to un-select and hide your profile.

  3. Want to share some information? Leave the "Share my profile" box selected but change other options.

  4. Don't want to show your name? Make sure the "Show my real name" box is not checked. Want to be sure that people can't flood your email account? Make sure that you un-check the "Show my email address" box.

  5. To keep your identity even more private, don't upload a photo or list your birthday.

  6. Save your changes.
Want to make information available but don't want to reveal your identity? Use a pseudonym.
Want to make sure that only people you know read your blog? Select "Settings," then "Permissions" and set limits for who can view your blog.
As with all services on the Internet, if you feel uncomfortable giving out your personal information, don't.


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