Saturday, 6 April 2013

How to Get Free Traffic To Your Website/Blog

How to Get Free Traffic To Your Website/Blog
After you've set up a blog or website and placed it live online, you naturally want people to find it and read it. If you leave the site alone, people may eventually discover it by a deep search through Google. Increase your exposure and get some traffic on your pages by creating some free advertising in various forms.
  1. Post a link to your website or blog on all your social networks. Create a link on Facebook, tweet about the site, post on Reddit, Stumble it and place it on as many other social networks as you can find.

  2. Sign up for forums in the same genre as your blog or website. If you're writing a weekly blog about your pet ferret, sign up for other ferret blogs and forums, as well as small pet forums and pet owner's blogs. Create a link to your blog or website in your forum signature. Make intelligent, helpful comments on the blog. Don't spam the site. People will read your comments or advice and click on your link.

  3. Spread the word about your website or blog by article marketing. Write articles about your blog subject. Make an active link from a keyword, called the anchor text, to your site. Publish the article on EzineArticles. Simply sign up at EzineArticles, check the rules about advertising in articles, and submit the article. It should be published within a few days.

  4. Write more articles about your site's subject matter and post them on other Web 2.0 properties such as Squidoo, Infobarrel or Yahoo! Contributor Network. Each time you link to your website, Google usually reads it as a positive change and raises your standing slightly. The higher your standings, the closer your site will be to the top of Google's listing.
Write intelligent, compelling content on your site. This will keep readers coming back once they've shown up the first time.


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